Alex Elliott is a 4 year LA transplant from the North Carolina coast, and is excited to be a part of the realization of such an ambitious artistic concept. She is thrilled to get to play more in this funny, creative, heartfelt world and to work with such a talented group of artists. If you are interested in seeing some of her online portfolio and past work in film, you can check out her website And current/upcoming work and everything around it can be found on her Instagram page @_alexelliott_ (and infrequent twitter musings at @_alexelliott_ also!)


Alexander James Salas is a performance artist, writer and a brand ambassador. He is the lead front gate barker at the Queen Mary’s Dark Harbor and has a strong passion for the horror genre. An up and coming LGBTQ writer and activist, Alexander hopes to share his stories about overcoming hate and living with trauma inflicted by loved ones. Recently seen in the LB Shakespeare company’s Troilus & Cressida as Patroclus, the LB Playhouse’s A Midsummer Night [Gay] Dream as Changeling Boy and last years IT Neibolt House Experience as Georgie.



Andrew Alvarez has been playing guitar since he was ten years old. He plays all genres, but his favorite is blues. He’s currently in three bands and plays every weekend!


Bailey Edwards is an actor and artist from New York. He has a degree in Art History and Practice from Williams College with a concentration in Performance. Additionally he has trained at RADA, LAMDA, the SITI COMPANY and more recently with the Suzuki Company of Toga in Japan. He stars in the upcoming psychological thriller Mothers of Monsters and can also be seen in My Dead Boyfriend and Bright.



Bethany Renee Nava is excited to be a part of this project! Bethany is 18 years old and has been acting since she was 6 years old. Her career started in El Paso, TX as a child working in film, theater and commercials. She’s been in productions such as TWILIGHT LOS ANGELES 1992, Cornerstone Theater Company’s MAGIC FRUIT, and Ad campaigns for Universal Studios Hollywood. Bethany is also a visual artist, and enjoys drawing digitally, as well as singing, listening to music and rollerskating.


BJ Averell does not enjoy being bitten by mosquitoes. Bit or bitten? Mosquito is Spanish for “Little Fly.” A “Spanish Fly” is an aphrodisiac made from the toxic agent of an emerald green beetle. The word “aphrodisiac” pertains to the Greek goddess Aphrodite, whose bird is the swan. The first film I acted in after moving to Hollywood was a USC student film Swan Song. You can find me on the internet, if you follow the clues.



Bakhtiari is excited to make his Rendon Hotel debut! Regional theatre credits include Jesus in India at Magic Theatre, and Betrayed at Aurora Theatre where he received a Critics Circle Nomination, in addition to development pieces at Berkeley Rep, Mark Taper Forum, A.C.T, and Playwrights Center in Minneapolis. On TV, Bakhtiari can be seen on Silicon Valley, Homeland, NCIS, Madam Secretary and How To Get Away With Murder, in addition to other shows. He’s starred in a Cannes-selected short, and has been in a variety of award winning Indie films. Bakhtiari celebrates aquatics fervently at dawn, is a raging philanthropist, and enjoys raw goat milk when accessible. He is a Bowdoin College graduate with training from A.C.T. He has been a Court Appointed Advocate (CASA) for child dependents since 2004 and owns an offbeat car wash.


Bruce Lemon is a storyteller born and raised in Watts, CA. As a child, his father made him write stories and read them aloud in the hallway as punishment for lies and mischief. He’s still in trouble.
Host of 89.3 KPCC In Person’s Unheard L.A. Artistic Director of Watts Village. Associate Artistic Director/Ensemble with Cornerstone Theater Company. Illyrian Player. Actor, writer, director, producer, creative collaborator.

Hobbies include: Holding a mirror up to America, rabble rousing, chasing dreams, working for the reimagining of his community, and listening to the kids.

Recent Credits: Actor: WHAT HAPPENS NEXT (La Jolla Playhouse), Assistant Director: ELLIOT, A SOLDIER’S FUGUE (CTG/ Kirk Douglas), Current Projects: CHANGE: Watts Residency (Cornerstone/Nancy Keystone), Writer/Performer: RELATIVES (Inner-City Arts/Rosenthal) Producer: GUNSHOT MEDLEY (Rogue Machine)

Awards: 2016 Princess Grace. 2014 BroadwayWorld LA

B.A.- Hampton University, P.AP. – The Juilliard School, M.F.A – New School for Drama

10_25_16_Bruce_Lemon21888Oct 24 2016Wil Pierce


Charlie Chan is a homegrown product of Downtown Los Angeles. Charlie Chan grew up in downtown L.A. at a time when City Hall was the tallest building around, there were no freeways and the city was gridded with electric cables that ran the street cars. Once as a youth roaming the inner-city he heard this whiney sound and sought it out. He saw Eddie “One String” Jones, playing a diddley bow in an alley off the Nickel. Charlie Chan has been playing the Blues in and around town for over 40 years. In 1968 Charlie Chan was a finalist in radio station KGFJ’s Soul Search. He, along with Don “Sugarcane” Harris, played the 1st Watt’s Festival.


Cherry Sur Bete – a gender-bending, shape shifting performance artist is the counterpart of artist and producer Ryan Sterling. Beautifully bizarre, Ryan’s otherworldly designs also show reverence for Queer History, Art, and Culture. Cherry Sur Bete is a proud member of Los Angeles based Queer art collective The Haus of ATM.



Chloé Darling, international superstar, heiress and woman adored by young and old. She first found herself in the spotlight when she scored a multi-million dollar Pampers diaper ad at the tender age of two. She would dominate the infant modeling scene for the next 7 months until she landed a the leading role in the made for TV Disney movie “Hey That’s My Daddy” at the age of five. From ages six to eighteen, she spent her time being an MK-Ultra slave for Hasbro and The Disney Company until she petitioned as the rightful owner of her soul. In 2016, Chloé Darling was signed to Atlantic Records, and after a debacle of a year of leaked album tracks and a fall out with her publicist the album “Sorry it Hurt” was finally released in the final quarter of 2017 to critically acclaimed success and a movie based on the albums production. Chloé is currently working on a FashionNova fashion collection and collaborating with local Los Angeles artist in an effort to restore her career.


Christine Hilberg is a photo retoucher and animal rescue advocate in Los Angeles. If she’s not playing with photos in Photoshop, you’ll find Christine out having fun with her dog Puka! Puka’s playful personality and confidence in front of the camera propelled her modeling career on Instagram and inspired Christine to take Puka’s talents to Hollywood. (AGT here they come!) Puka spends her time learning new tricks, running agility courses, and singing on cue. This is Puka’s first time performing on stage and she and Christine couldn’t be more excited to be part of the project!



Christopher Humphreys earned his BFA from Otis College of Art and Design. He lives and works in San Diego where he operates CHROMOPHOBIC, an art collective and darkroom facility centered on preservation of analogue photography. He often turns the lens onto himself and has been the subject for artists’ projects ranging from video to performance-based pieces.

“Everything in front of a lens is a performance whether we know it is there or not. There is freedom in relinquishing your control as a voyeur and stepping into the gaze of another.”


Courage is a self-identified “Actor. Activist. Adventurer.” who’s in LA studying and training himself into a worldly “justice soldier” ready for adventure or activism anywhere in the world as well as for a career in adventure films performing physical comedy, martial arts and parkour. He’s also a voiceover actor in cartoons and video games.

In 2016, Courage was one of the principle actors in Cornerstone Theater’s show, Magic Fruit, which was performed at the Shakespeare Center of LA; and he is more than happy to see them benefit from the success of this artistic experience! See his current projects and read more about the spirit of his work by going to:



Crystal Palace is a Los Angeles based drag queen, drag king, singer, and standup comedian who is thrilled to be apart of Stories. Originally from Chicago, Crystal moved to LA to chase their dreams and fell into the wonderful world of drag. They can be regularly seen at Exposure at The Offbeat Bar every Monday night.


Danny Hackin was born and raised in Los Angeles California. He has been performing since the age of six. Danny is also a writer focusing on spoken word poetry and an improviser at the Westside Comedy Theater. Along with being a performer at the Westside Comedy Theater he is also an associate at The Actors Gang in Culver City. This is Danny’s first time at the Rendon and he is grateful to have a room here and be apart of such a unique installation.

IMG_1167-1 small


David Torrez was born and raised in Boyle Heights and became enamored with art while taking an art history class at Los Angeles Trade and Technical. Although self-described as “not naturally talented” when it came to painting or drawing he still wanted to express himself, and started cutting stencils and wheat pasting after writing about Banksy in a creative writing class in college. You see kids, go to college and create yourself. David chooses to use cartoon characters in his art in order for the audience to connect to the message on the canvas. He likes the idea of the characters representing our innocence as they’re juxtaposed against the realities of the world we live in. The name “The Greedy Bastards” is pluralized to represent the endless atrocities that occur in the world whither it’d be capitalism, police brutality or inequality. He usually pastes or stencils his pieces around Alameda near the arts district because it’s often neglected and in need of some bright and colorful characters. Get up. Stay up.

Emily Loynachan_s Picture


Emily Loynachan is a vocalist, gerontologist and educator. In May 2012, she received her Bachelor of Science in Human Development and Aging degree from the University of Southern California (USC) Leonard Davis School of Gerontology with a minor in Musical Studies (emphasis in classical voice) from the USC Thornton School of Music. In May 2013 she received her Master of Science in Gerontology degree from the Leonard Davis School of Gerontology. Throughout her academic career, Emily has engaged in an interdisciplinary range of research related to (1) the intersectionality of music, therapeutic and palliative care, and neurodegenerative disease, (2) the reimagination of the post-WWII construct of “retirement” as extensions in longevity, changes in demographics, and innovations in technology influence expectations about work, leisure, and play in the second half of life, and (3) cultural sensitivity in addressing barriers of access to end of life care for vulnerable populations. Emily has studied with USC vocal faculty member Janice McVeigh, participated in USC opera productions THE MAGIC FLUTE, THREE DECEMBERS, and GIANNI SCHICCHI under the tutelage of Ken Cazan and Brent McMunn, and was the Executive Board Production Manager for the USC Chamber Opera. Vocal collaborations include the Sh[eye]n Ensemble featuring Ralph Loynachan and Bill Biersach, the Tangerine Music Labs ensemble, and SPIN ECHO with Norwegian artist Tori Wrånes, LAxART, and the ART IN THE PARKING SPACE series. Ensemble collaborations include the USC Concert Choir directed by Christian Grases, the Oriana Choir directed by Lesley Leighton, and the USC CreSCendo jazz ensemble directed by Kathleen Grace.


Efrain Martinez a.k.a The Eskwilax is the founder, director, producer and host of The Eskwilax Hour since 2015.

Efrain began shooting and producing with Dromebox Labs in 2015.He has since worked on many projects inside the studio and outside such as helping Dromebox host the first Art at the Rendon.

His current projects include the fourteenth season of The Eskwilax Hour web show and the mini web series Shitty Coffee.



Deadly femmebot assassin turned ‘Love & Hip-Hop’ branded video hoe; Isaac White or Femminem is originally from the San Francisco Bay Area but has been living, hosting and performing in LA for close to 3 years. She is known for her charismatic sense of humor, boisterous performance style and free-spirited personality within the West Coast drag community.



Francesca Quintano is a Los Angeles artist, currently residing in Venice Beach.
She was born in Santa Monica, California in 1987. She did her undergraduate work
at Tufts University/ School of the Museum of Fine Arts, Boston and at Otis
College of Art and Design in Los Angeles. Much of Francesca’s work combines
photo surrealism and abstraction; pulling from her classical oil painting education,
her work within the street art world, as well as iconographic imagery from her Los
Angeles surroundings.

Francesca shows work extensively through solo shows, group shows, live painting, and a multitude of auctions. For many years she has been involved in the production and installation of shows throughout Los Angeles focusing on street art, such as Beyond the Streets with Roger Gastman. She has participated in the Art at
the Rendon, Unicef Next Gen Art Auction, Venice Family Clinic Art Auction, the Venice Art Crawl, and several organized shows for profit and for charity.


Geneva West is a multimedia artist born and raised in Los Angeles, CA. For the past 19 years, she has studied and trained in a broad variety of dance techniques. During her journeys, she found joy in music, visual arts, film and computer science, which has expanded into an integration of these media in her personal practices. This year, Geneva received an AA in Anthropology from Los Angeles Valley College with a focus on the evolutions of human experience and expression. To this day, she continues to push the boundaries of her studies to create and collaborate on artwork for local Los Angeles events. She sincerely appreciates the opportunity to be involved with the community of artists participating at the Rendon.

headshot-genevawest 2


Gerson Macias is excited to be working on STORIES. Gerson is 18 years old and has been acting since he was 13. He’s been a part of productions such as CLUB MOJITO, INHERIT THE WIND, and ONCE ON THIS ISLAND. In addition to acting, Gerson also enjoys writing, singing, and learning new art forms.


Henrry Quintanilla is an aspiring writer, photographer, and music producer based in Los Angeles. He began his exploration with art through amateur filmmaking, acting, and music production in 2012. He is currently working on an upcoming EP, and a street photography book. You can reach him at or on Instagram.



Moderately successful actor. App developer. Non-profit consultant. Feminist. LA local. Lush. Line tester. Line respecter (beta). Generous laugher. Pacifist. Kickboxer. Jiujiteiro. Absurdist. Poet. Linguistics nerd. Unequivocal friend to children and to dogs. Proud papa to five little lady hens with pun names like Margaret Hatcher and Mary Magdal-hen (Maria Mag-gallina, en Español).


James works in digital, photographic and traditional media. He focuses on Southern California subject matters, specifically urban landscape, street signs and the Arts District. Revisiting the subject matter with new perspectives, techniques and an understanding of how we work, live, and grow as Angelenos. The history of our city, its peoples, cultures and identities are distilled down to create rich surfaces and textures, creating poignant windows into So Cal’s imagery. James is also a parrot enthusiast. Currently, his flock consists of 15 members of 6 different species.







(photo courtesy of Tony Pinto)

jcw 2018


Johnny Cubert White is an L.A. based producer of still and motion pictures. Earning an MFA from the prestigious School of the Art Institute of Chicago and a BA in philosophy from Atlanta’s Oglethorpe University, Johnny White has spent his life creating and producing a wide variety of projects – including the experiential DRAG Vanities, the rock operas Cinemaniacs and King Princess. In 2017, he toured Europe with a show of photographs made from a broken camera. Having begun his exploration of photography in the 1970’s, White has experimented with various mediums of the photographic image; including lenticular 3-D, 35mm, and various digital processes. Johnny Cubert White is an active member of the Academy of Television Arts & Sciences. He has been fortunate to have art directed and production designed for various reality television shows including The Bachelor, The Bachelorette and Top Chef. He is the designer and host of the upcoming show Liars which premiers next month.


Joseph Gilbert is a storyteller, a creative, and enthusiast. Joseph blends his experiences as an award-winning visual communicator and image-maker with his theatrical background to create engaging, authentic, and relatable work. As a creative director, designer and illustrator he has worked with clients ranging from start-up companies to billion dollar industries, both domestically and internationally. His expertise includes collaborations with other creative professionals: Oscar-winning celebrities, Emmy-winning directors and costume designers, acclaimed fashion designers, internationally recognized photographers, visual and performance artists. As an actor, Joseph’s initial background in improvisation with Second City, Chicago has brought him opportunities to proudly work in many mediums from film, TV, theatre and commercials. Beyond the creative work, Joseph is a frequent world traveller and generous with his time working with select charities and non-profit organizations that aim to make life a little bit better for all.

nuke1 (1)


Joseph “Nuke” Montalvo is a multidisciplinary graffiti artist who has worked in Los Angeles for over 30 years. As a UTI Crew member, he has produced several murals in LA and Mexico. Nuke grew up in Boyle Heights; as a longtime resident, he grew up listening to stories of Zoot Suiters and the life of pachucos in the 1940’s, which have inspired his installation for Hidden Rooms. He is currently working on the restoration of Earth Crew’s 1992 iconic mural, “Undiscovered America,” located in the heart of the Arts District. Nuke maintains a strong presence in LA. He has created public artwork relating to Native American cult and history for the MTA , Council Districts 12 and 14, and the City of Bell.


Justin Baker was born and raised in Oklahoma. After graduating from UCO with a BFA in theater he packed up his belongings and headed west to chase the elusive dream. You’ve possibly seen him in various television shows, movies, commercials, or working at some odd job trying to stay alive in Los Angeles. You can find out more of what he’s up to at or check out his photography at

Headshot for Art


Justin Shenkarow has spent thirty years working as a talented actor and producer in television, film and animation. He has received numerous honors and distinctions including an Emmy Award and Golden Globe Award for his work as a series regular playing Matthew on the hit CBS show “Picket Fences”. Justin was a series regular on the critically acclaimed NBC show “Eerie Indiana.” He also played the bully Harold on the long running hit Nickelodeon animated show “Hey Arnold.” Justin has worked on over 50 film productions including Oscar winning films “Avatar”, “Good Will Hunting”, “Silver Linings Playbook” and starred on numerous television shows including “Picket Fences,” “Eerie Indiana,” “Home Improvement” “Z Nation” and many others. Justin’s voiced such acclaimed animation films, “Ice Age” “Garfield 2” “Marmaduke,” “Barnyard” “Bee Movie” “Shrek 3” and has been a series regular on hit cartoons “Hey Arnold,” “Recess,” “Lloyd in Space.”

Justin spent five years as the National Chairman of the Young Performer’s Committee and Board Member of the Screen Actors Guild overseeing 18,000 working entertainment actors.He has deep established relationships with studios, production companies, writers, producers and directors through his longevity and tremendous success in the entertainment industry. Justin is also a consultant for companies interested in new media investments, and he has an entrepreneurial spirit.

K BUTTERFLY SMITH #warriorbutterflytribe #kelleygirlplanet

K Butterfly Smith (Actor) is over the moon to be in this cast eclectic creative masterpiece. Recently, she appeared in the Cornerstone’s, Magic Fruit, Son of Semele’s Of Government, a project with Homeward LA as Dianne at the Pico Union Project Synagogue. Butterfly successfully produced, directed and starred in her first Hollywood Fringe Festival play, Room No 9 at the Chrysalis Inn that she wrote herself. Butterfly has an MFA in Theatre and is currently writing and producing art that fosters healing from traumas and brings awareness to life after domestic abuse survivors through her blog and theatrical projects. Her next project, Bearth of a Butterfly will be seen at the Hollywood Fringe Festival 2019 this summer.



Karlie Blair is an immersive theatre actor and creator from Los Angeles. She has performed with a variety of immersive companies, including Darren Bousman’s The Experiences, Whisperlodge, Drunken Devil, and Shine On Collective. She also co-created Snow Fridge, a critically acclaimed, experimental, individualized experience for the Hollywood Fringe Festival, and she helps produce immersive events with Metaforyou.

K Ramos - Headshot


Kenny Ramos is a Kumeyaay theater artist from the Barona Band of Mission Indians. Kenny grew up on the Barona Indian Reservation before graduating from UCLA with a BA in American Indian Studies. He has appeared in productions at Cornerstone Theater Company, Oregon Shakespeare Festival, Native Voices at the Autry, Moonlight Stage Productions and also in workshops/readings at The Rose Theater, La Jolla Playhouse, and The Kennedy Center. Kenny is a member of the Native Voices Artist Ensemble and serves on the Cornerstone Theater Company Community Council.


Lena Valentine is an accomplished actor, most-known for her comedic work and immersive theater roles. She is currently appearing in the critically-acclaimed immersive theater piece SNOW FRIDGE, and hosting her very own variety hour YOUR KIDS GET OFF MY LAWN!



Kenneth Enlow received a bachelors of vocal studies and performance from Florida State University. After graduation, he began working with Metropolitan Opera Artist Mark Baker. During this time, he worked with the Orlando Opera theater production of Carmen. Shortly thereafter, he matriculated to University of Washington to complete his masters of vocal performance studies. While attending UW, he performed King Melchior in a production of Amahl and the Night Visitors, as well as The Vicar in a production of Albert Herring. Also, while attending UW, he worked with the Seattle Opera company performing with them for their production of Don Pasquale. Currently, Kenneth resides in Los Angeles.



A European dual-citizen, Linzi Graham was born in New York in 1992 and as a toddler knew she wanted to perform. Her family quickly relocated to New England, but she still spent her childhood in the theater and moved to New York City for her first off-Broadway show at 16, where she then stayed to complete her BFA theater performance degree at Fordham College at Lincoln Center. During college she worked at MoMA and, inspired by the visual arts, began her own production company for filmmaking and live works. She has performed as a singer and pianist at venues such as Carnegie Hall, The State Opera House of New York City, Planet Hollywood in Las Vegas, New England arenas with the Boston Pops and on various stages for live televised events. An AEA/SAG-AFTRA member, she has performed in avant garde theaters, tours, and the flickering pixels in your living room.



Marzieh Sharif is an actor and a writer.

“I act to be a voice for the voiceless, and am grateful for The Rendon Hotel and it’s artists giving me an opportunity to do that.”


Meredith Placko comes from the cold, gritty world of television news. You might have seen some of the hard hitting stories she’s produced such as “Achoo! Allergies to keep getting worse” on NBC Nightly News; or even on camera with “What The Flick?! The Americans Final Season Review” on the TYT Network. She once stared in a student film, but played twins, so it was basically a double feature. In her spare time, she likes to play dress up. Her current obsession is the wardrobe of Marie Antoinette.

This is Meredith’s debut in the Los Angeles theater scene and she is excited to be part of such a passionate and giving group of creatives!


This native Angeleno was in SAG at 5 years old. A UC Santa Cruz Theater Major (with a side of engineering), Montana first applied his craft and people skills as an Art Auctioneer abroad and now, after the passing of his legendary tio, Richard Duardo, runs Modern Multiples.

IMGP8706 - Version 2


Naia Schroder is a professional actress, sometimes-director, and recent transplant from Portland, Oregon. She can be seen on NBC’s Grimm and TNT’s The Librarian’s and often portrays whimsical, vulnerable, and fierce characters in her film and television work. Raised between Chicago and rural Northern California, her passion for acting was birthed in the theater. She studied Improv at Second City and performed in Crosstown Ensemble at Steppenwolf Theatre. She was nominated for a regional theater award for her comedic and physical work in Edward Albee’s “Seascape”. She is thrilled to be collaborating with the gestalt immersive arts powerhouse Art at the Rendon.


Oliver Smith-Perrin is making his debut performance in Los Angeles, although he is not new to the stage. 25 years old, hailing from Houston, TX, Oliver is bringing his talents to the LA stage and is excited to work on his craft and grow as an actor!



The Burrito Lady Pam stepped off the Taco Truck and picked up the mic!!! In her stand-up comedy, she talks about the struggles on the taco truck, of being Mexican American, a single parent and a lot of family issues, which she laughs about!!! She also gives out some good advice your momma forgot to tell you!!!

Although she has only been doing comedy a few years, she has been very busy producing and hosting her own shows!!! The Burrito Lady Open Mic in Beverly Hills, Melrose Ave., Universal Studios and Boyle Heights. She also created The Burrito Lady Open Mic and Cooking Show, where she cooks while poets, musicians and comedians do their things!!! After the show she feeds everybody!! Currently working on Season 2!! See all the episodes on or YouTube channel The Burrito Lady Pam.

So be on the lookout for The Burrito Lady Pam spicing up the comedy scene all over Cali!!!!


Paradox One is a visual artist from Los Angeles who aims to provoke concious thought with his graffiti. The word itself embodies the complex nature that is often difficult to express about the dualities of life. Peace & Chaos, Love & Hate, light & dark, good and evil make up the elements of who we are and the world we live in.



Rachel is a professional opera singer, classical voice coach, public speaking coach, and executive coach. Rachel has many performance credits on stage, on camera, and in film soundtracks. Rachel is a doctoral candidate at Pepperdine University, she has a Masters degree in Music from CSUN, a BA in Music from FSU, and BS in International Relations from FSU. She is the owner of OperaTune Vocal Studio serving the Greater Los Angeles and Ventura County areas.


I’m a 23 year old adult film actress living in Los Angeles. I was born in Canada and moved to Southern California 12 years ago. I started nude modeling in 2015 and was then scouted by a porn agent in early 2016. I became a Penthouse Pet in March 2017 and have shot for a variety of companies over the course of nearly 3 years. I met my now husband on set in 2016 and fell in love immediately. We have since created a little family with our French Bulldog, Pig, and our cats, Jovi and Klaus

Copy of IMG_8497


Robert ‘Sticky’ Shaw was born and raised in Newport Beach, CA. Having struggled with learning disabilities growing up, in high school, he turned to art as an escape from the traditional school structure. He thrived on the creative freedom he was finally allowed and has made art the most important aspect of his life ever since. However, if you ask his friends to define him, not all of them know him as Sticky the Artist. To many others he is All-Access Sticky, going from one gig to the next and mingling with the biggest musicians of the moment. Still, to others, he is Sticky the Snowboarder, constantly out of town at some amazing mountain like Mammoth, Whistler, or Breckenridge. He’s always on some fantastic adventure to who-knows-where but art and his family will always bring him home.


Sadie Susselman is…

A quirky almost 5-year-old with a passion for jumping and dancing. You will be seeing more of this gal in the future — following her performance for STORIES Sadie decided she wants to be an actor because, “they get to eat cake and have dance parties all day.”



Scott Kelley Thomas is a Los Angeles based performer and producer. He recently received a B.A. in Cinema Art & Science at Columbia College Chicago. Scott is a member of the Kennedy Tap Company, a series regular on the Emmy nominated show Hip Hop Harry. He has won many awards including Best Choreography and Best Male Dancer of the Year at the JRay Awards. He premiered an original piece in association with Northern Illinois University titled Have No Fear (2015). In August of 2016, he choreographed and was featured in Opera Posse’s production of Carmen High, a modern take on the classic opera, which premiered in Edinburgh, Scotland’s annual Fringe Festival. Scott is always delighted to share his gifts with audiences around the world, and hopes to inspire through his movement.


Sma Litzsinger is a self taught visual artist based in Downtown Los Angeles. Working primarily in ink, she combines elements of ancient symbolism, traditional ethnic war paint, religion and mythology form a wide variety of world cultures, repurposed on thrifted 19th century photographs. Sma has exhibited throughout the Los Angeles area including Copro Gallery, The Hive Gallery, The Last Bookstore and the Bergamot Station Arts Center in Santa Monica. She is currently a resident artist at The Hive Gallery and Studios.

Screen Shot 2018-05-09 at 12.21.32 PM


I grew up in the Bay Area where I spent most of my time being a movie nerd. My father and I acted together in various community theaters and bonded over it. After entering college at UCLA, I had a few life-changing experiences/altercations with Grotowski and the ‘physical theater.’ I decided I’d do as much acting as I could before they make me stop.


Terence Leclere is an actor, an entertainer lebenskünstler who communes by extemporaneous expression in moment to moment realities, imbued with his social improv studies and honed through many lives lived in live performances around the world. He provides immersive interactive services via his company #metaforyou.

tl meta

THE ORACLE // reverbnation/theoraclespeaks

Denise Lyles-Cook, The ORACLE, is a stirring Motivational Speaker, Actress, and Spoken Word Poet, oozing vitality and personality, with her eloquently penned and inspiring verse. Her words are meant for what you need to hear. She says, “I give no advice. I simply hold the mirror of life that you may see your own truth.”

The ORACLE is a two time Spoken Word Billboard Award winner, L.A. Poet Laureate Nominee, performed at the 2012 inaugural ceremonies and the Vice-President’s Residence in Washington, D.C. She is an award winning Published Author, Publisher/ Editor at ORACLE Publishing, Producer, Director, and Actor. Her wisdom has been shared on her CD, “I Gotta Story To Tell”, and in her two published works of poetry, FULL CIRCLE Balance In Life and The Oracle Speaks … just because.

The ORACLE Speaks Truth “all-ways remember to love yourself”



Ursula is a Tucson, AZ native that found performance while living in Seattle, and currently resides in Los Angeles. She has graced the stage in many places around the country, and has already been on a series of self funded and haphazard tours around the US. These include cities such as: Seattle, Portland, San Francisco, Indianapolis, Chicago, Los Angeles, Phoenix, San Diego, Denver, Alburquerque, El Paso, Salt Lake City, Las Vegas and Miami – just to name a few! In addition to performing around the US, she has performed in Mexico City, Toronto, Montreal, Vancouver B.C., and a month long residency in London with the world famous Cirque le Soir. Having entertained crowds in such a variety of locales, Ursula Major has an extensive repertoire in both genre of music and performance style. You’ll find her at everything from bar events, stage productions, and weddings to Pride stages, trade shows, and side shows – a true entertainment chameleon!

(Photo courtesy of De-Evolutionary Photography)


Val Susselman is…

A creative, a mother, a designer, a dreamer and an actor when she wants to be involved in the innovative production of STORIES.



Valentine Anger is an LA transplant from the deep South of Georgia. Pursuing art in many forms Valentine is a Fire Performer, Makeup and Drag Artist. You can find Valentine Anger’s work on YouTube Shows such as “Transformations with James St James” by World of Wonder, Hey Queen’s “Drag Feed” and “Drag Makeovers” on Amazon Prime.


Zachariah has been a professional intuitive and faith healer for over fifteen years. Currently a listed reader at The Green Man Store in North Hollywood, and other events: Exposure Drag, The Midnight Society, and Queer As Punk. Zachariah has a colorful background in performance art and a prominent role on stage, in many forms. As an Actor, Writer, Producer, Singer, dancer, and Songwriter. In the past- He was a key person in the Detroit Regional Burning man projects, Theatre Bizarre, and the 15+ year running monthly show Torch With A Twist that played at GreekTown Casino as the pianist and back up vocalist. The show ran at several venues: Cliff Bell’s, and The State Theater. Zachariah also was trained in Ballet and classical piano from the age of fourteen and had a brief career in burlesque and fetish performance both as an emcee and stage performer. Since arriving in Los Angeles in 2014, He released a music video and single titled “Be” , and a soft launch of the single through all streaming services. He is also involved in several monthly shows “Diving Wednesdays” “Foodies and Boobies Brunch & Burlesque Show” . Zachariah also has done stage work and coordination for the charity for HIV/AIDS research “AID for AIDS”. His Community involvement in Los Angeles, CA has been with – Echo Park Neighborhood Council, Save Elysian Park Committee, Echo Park Rising, and Echo Park Block Shop. He formerly was the President and Event coordinator for a Los Angeles based Organic Cocktail syrups company. Zachariah has made several appearances on KTLA 5 news, LA Reels, and a number of podcasts. Currently his work focuses on performance art, set decorating, home styling, and a slew of spiritual services and events. His latest project is The Los Angeles Black Hat Society, which will focus on Healing, Advocating, and Teaching people from all walks of life and giving back to the community. You can find him at Cloak And Dagger Tuesday evenings, and many other hot spots in the City of Angels.



Tony Berrow is fueled by 80’s hair metal, Cult classic horror, and leather vixens of the past. She delivers a performance style that draws from the raw sexual energy of the strip club, and an aesthetic straight from heavy metal magazine.