August 25, 2021: The Rendon Gallery pop-up presents a solo exhibition by artist Susan Feldman, titled MOC (My Own City): an installation of 50 unique buildings that represent a welcoming neighborhood in a utopian city. Created as a site-specific installation, these miniature structures (houses and various community buildings) are created mostly out of found wood with added embellishments to further define what they represent. The buildings are set on ramps and wooden beams on various levels, allowing the viewer to wander through the neighborhood.

“For many years, my art practice has involved building structural pieces, working within the subject matter of architecture, house, and home. In early 2019, I began to address what I felt was a growing need for a “sense of place.” Naturally, MOC felt like the next project for me to create. Now in my early 60’s, I finally felt that I had the RIGHT and ABILITY to do such a thing, to create an entire world that I, and others, could identify with. I imagined MOC as a whimsical, architectural, colorful, unique embodiment of belonging, freedom of expression, and inclusion — concepts that everyone could relate to.

Just as I was finishing up on the first 50, a worldwide crisis hit. By then I had become totally engrossed and obsessed with MOC, and it seemed like I absolutely had to exhibit it as soon as I was able.” – Susan Feldman

Video of virtual artist talk & exhibition walk-through

Video by Annie Terrazzo from Curator

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Susan Feldman is a mixed media artist, working primarily with found wood, as well as plexiglass, paint, photography, colored string, and other found objects. Her works include wall art, sculpture, and installation, which often act as three-dimensional landscapes, evoking the layered, fragmentary nature of history and memory. Susan’s art practice is often inspired by her meditation practice and visualizes the spiritual enlightenment of “rising up.” Her compositions take the eye through various planes and materials, paralleling the obstacles and stages of progress through her spiritual journey. As opposed to the utilitarian constructions indicative of the urban skyline filled with high-rises, she designs structures of contemplation, memory, and hope.

Susan was born in Los Angeles and attended Cal State University Northridge. She maintains a studio at the Beacon Arts Building in Inglewood, CA, and has been exhibiting her work throughout California for over 30 years. Susan has a background in graphic design and art direction. She is also a DJ and spins vinyl for private parties and art openings.